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GB7ESX and GB7NNA BBS are amateur radio AX25 BBS located in Witham, Essex JO01HT and are two of the oldest UK BBS, now entering their 22nd year of non stop service and without a change of SysOp. The SysOps are George G1NNB. AX25 BBS G1NNB@GB7ESX and Brian G1NNA. AX25 BBS G1NNA@GB7NNA.

Both BBS run on NNA BBS software developed by G1NNA which is very stable software with several unique features. The BBS run in a DesQview window with G8PZT Xrouter as the AX25 interface. These BBS were the first AX25 BBS in the world to have compressed mail forwarding.

Direct RF frequencies for GB7ESX (G1NNB:ESX Node) are 144.825, 433.650, 439.825

Direct RF frequencies for GB7NNA (G1NNA:NNA Node) are 144.950, 432.675 but either BBS can be connected to on any of the above frequencies as they are proxy linked.

Both nodes (G1NNA and G1NNB) have fast UK and international links plus chat servers.

Co Sited with GB7ESX and GB7NNA is GB7DXE DXcluster using Spider DX Cluster software under Linux. GB7DXE Frequencies are 50.650, 70.3250, 144.8875.

All three services can also be accesed Via the internet but Only by licenced Radio Amateurs by clicking here.

International internet forwarding partners and AXUDP links are welcome. Please send an email with your details.

EMAIL: George Lloyd G1NNB

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